Monday, May 26, 2014


Season is over!! I feel sad and happy at the same time. The happy part should be gone in a few weeks when I realize that winter is far away.. It's been a long winter and my body is sore from all the skiing.
Im really satisfied with this season, skiing has been great! Comps has gone well except the last two. But hey there is always next year. :)

Want to do a big shout out to my partners!

Panda Poles (
Hendryx skis (

Thank you! You guys made this winter much easier and way more fun!
Röldal Day1

The waiting game



Erik Nordin



Monday, April 28, 2014

HM and photo shoots

HM was a stormy one this year.

Skenören with Lotten Antonia and Björn



Two pro's. One skier one photographer.

Funäsfjällen in all it's beauty!

Let's go home

Wind formations

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Kitzteinhorn - Sweden

Kitzteinhorn FWQ 3* 9th 


Let's go home..




Tim touring

Good dog


Sunday, March 16, 2014




Top of Titlis


Inspecting Nendazfreeride

Morning view

Wasn't a good day for the swedes.. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Axam Lizum and Firsttracks Chandolin

Just got back from Chandolin so here is a little comp update.

First up Open Faces in Axam Lizum. Since I didn't sign up in time for the 3* i had to do the open qualification. Went great qualified as number 2. Stoked about that so I won a wildcard for the 3* the day after. 
3* face
The 3* didn't go that good.. It was really difficult to chose a line on this face. The snow was pretty hard and not a lot of features in there. But I got myself a 16 place. Its ok I guess but I'm not that happy about it...
Swedes spectating

After a few days in Engelberg it was time to go to the next comp. Ever since my crash in Canada my knee hasn't been the same.. So this was a bit of a concern for Firsttracks Chandolin.

When we arrived in St luc it was snowing like hell, so we knew that it would be good conditions the day after. Firsttracks is a two day comp, one run each day.
St luc
First up Saturday. Sunny and 30cm of fresh at the comp face. I dropped in and had a crash on my first hit.. Wasn't happy about that.. So I skied down and just sat in the sun the rest of the day.
Elias getting some air
Sunday wasn't stoked on my riding yesterday so i wasn't sure if should compete or not, mostly cuz of my knee. 15cm of fresh changed that, at least I would get a nice pow run! Had a really mellow line with great pow and had a lot of fun. Didn't score that well, ended up 29th. Bu the most important is that i had fun and made it all the way down on my feet, great confidence boost!
Simon ready to start
Now three weeks until the next comp in Nendaz. Its gonna be so nice to have some time of comps and just focus on my own riding and having fun! I think my knee will appreciate some rest as well.
Swedes spectating